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What is Pelvic Health Physical Therapy?

Welcome! So glad you're here! Most people who come to our page, haven't ever done pelvic floor physical therapy before. We want you to be completely comfortable with every step of the process. Below we are going to walk you through evaluation to last treatment session so you know exactly what to expect!

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Our Unique Approach

One on One Attention: We spend a full hour with you at every visit and you get our complete undivided attention. This allows us to get you better, faster, and sometimes at lower costs than a typical outpatient physical therapy clinic, where they see you 2-3 times per week for 10-12 weeks. We typically need only 1 visit per week and see significant progress within 3-5 visits.

Whole Body Holistic Care: Our evaluations will look at you as a full person, unique from the patient before you. We want to hear your whole story and will evaluate any part of your body that we feel is a part of the solution - from your neck and jaw to your feet (because everything is connected!). We pay attention to the details because that helps guide our treatment. 

Internal Examinations are Important: We wouldn't go to a knee doctor and not expect them to look at your knee. We feel the same about the pelvic floor. We don't feel like it's "something to evaluate if we have to", but rather a big piece of the puzzle. This assures that we are assessing, not guessing about what is going on. This evaluation is similar to a gynecological exam, except that instead of the organ system, we are evaluating the muscular system. This system is superficial to the cervix and uterus, which means there's no need for speculums or stirrups, making the exam far less invasive, but also more informative. We strive to make this exam as comfortable as possible. Either way, prior to doing this exam, it will be explained in full, in person, so you can give your consent to this evaluation. Although we feel like this exam is important, we believe in bodily autonomy and your ability to make the decision that is best for you, at that time.

A Plan that You can be Confident in: When you leave the evaluation, we guarantee you will be excited about the possibilities of living a life unhindered. You will leave with a plan going forward. While there will always be more things to evaluate and hypothesizes to be tested, you should feel confident that your therapist is competent in treating your unique issues.

Hands on Treatment Sessions: Each treatment session will continue to be an hour long and one on one with your therapist. This allows us to be very involved with managing your care. You will never be left in a room, by yourself, kegel'ing with a machine or doing self treatments. We believe in a hands on approach to care including manual therapy (joint, soft tissue, and visceral mobilization, dry needling, cupping or other tools), re-education of the muscular and nervous systems, and including treatments of other areas of the body that are connected to the issue at hand. The body and the pelvic floor work as a system and not in isolation. It's important that you be treated as a whole person and not just a body part. 

A calm and healing environment: Pelvic floor issues are often sensitive subjects and often times people feel nervous to even be evaluated. You deserve an environment where you feel comfortable talking about the issues and safe to allow for pelvic floor treatment. If you're being taken to the back room or stuck talking to person next to you about "what you're in for", you're not in the right place. Our facility is meant to make you feel calm and comfortable, all the way down to the color scheme. Our practitioners are all female and everyone walking in with you are here for similar reasons. We will spend the time to make sure that you feel 100 percent sure in the treatment you will be undergoing, so that you can relax and give yourself space to heal. 

This is all we do: Rest assured, we know what we're doing. All we treat are pelvic health and female issues. Because this is all we treat, we consider ourselves experts in the field.  We don't split our time treating various ailments like your Uncle Bob's total knee. Our time, effort, and even continuing education are all dedicated to the issues you're experiencing and ensuring we are as up to date as possible with our treatment plans. 

Quick and Significant Progress: It's important to us that you see progress and you see progress fast. we believe that you should see significant improvement within 3-5 visits. Each individual person's full plan of care will be individual to them, but everyone should notice a difference quickly. You shouldn't have a therapist that continues to try the same things over and over again. If you're not seeing results, the plan should adapt and change directions, so that you know you're doing the things that are going to get you better. 

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