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Lactation Counseling

Infant Feeding, Breastfeeding Difficulty and Mastitis Care

Concept Pelvic Health strives to serve women and their frustrations throughout their life cycle and to further that mission, we offer lactation counseling and mastitis care. As one of the few providers who have the knowledge and equipment needed to treat mastitis, you can rest assured that you are in quality hands. Our certified lactation counselor is skilled in treating all aspects of lactation including: breastfeeding struggles, all aspects of infant feeding

In Office Consultations

Our in-office visit is a comfortable and relaxing setting where we address all the issues and questions you may have. This consultation is typically 60 min in length and covers a range of topics depending on your needs. The goal of this visit is to equip you with knowledge of why and how some of these issues are happening. Typically you will need 1-3 of these visits.

Some of these topics could include: 

  • Infant positioning and latch assessment

  • Weighted feeds to determine milk transfer

  • Evaluation of breastfeeding position and latch

  • Pump fit evaluation

  • Tips on what to expect in the early days (i.e. infant development, nutritional requirements, diaper amounts, etc.)

  • Guidance on weaning and introduction of solids

  • Troubleshooting mastitis, clogged ducts, engorgement

  • Pump-schedules

  • Support from birth to weaning

  • and More

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Virtual Consultations

All of the information, but from the comfort of your own home. Also convenient for those who don't live near the clinic or who are struggling to get out of the home due to other circumstances and need help quickly. These visits are a little more limited in their scope but can still be very helpful in gaining confidence in all areas of infant feeding. 

These visits can be either 60 min or 30 min in length.

(Initial consultations are always 60 min)

Mastitis Care

Struggling to find ultrasound treatment for clogged ducts or lymphatic drainage and other body work that could improve the ability of the breasts to empty? Look no further. We have skilled practitioners that are able to assess issues and determine if this type of treatment is helpful to you. 

These visits are typically 30 min long.

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Groups and  Classes

We got you girl!

We know you need a village. That's why we offer both community groups and live breastfeeding classes. We weren't meant to do this alone and we can help connect you to other moms and support you need to make this journey easier!

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